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This forum of synergy between alumni and the Faculty of Psychology & Socio-Cultural Sciences, Islamic University of Indonesia in establishing strong cooperative relationships as a form of shared responsibility in improving the quality of institutional alumni. This media is expected to build a strong network of friendship to support the achievement of the vision and mission in the future.

This forum is a gathering forum for the alumni in the field of psychology that was formed to provide a positive contribution to the institutions of the Islamic University of Indonesian in general and the psychology study programs in particular.

Our forum has a vision of building a large family of alumni from the Psychology study program who are strong in brotherhood and integrity in accordance with the psychological code of ethics through their respective roles in society.

Our forum has a mission :

  1. Establishing friendship between alumni, especially the interest in the field of psychology
  2. Build family relationships between alumni with faculties both internally and externally in ukhuwah islamiah.
  3. Provide a positive contribution to the institutions of the Islamic University of Indonesia (UII) related to the Alumni Association (IKA UII) in general and especially the psychology study program so that the quality of alumni is in accordance with the vision and mission of the study program.
  4. Provide a positive contribution to psychology graduates to be able to develop self competencies towards superior people through training and seminars, synergize with faculties and other Alumni Associations such as IKA UII, ACC UII, MAPPRO IKA UII, etc.
  5. Assist in providing information related to the needs of psycholgy graduates in the world of work in coordination with the Alumni Career Center of the Islamic University of Indonesia (ACC UII) as well as interest in continuing S2 studies especially the Masters Program.
  6. Encouraging the establishment of the forum alumni (IKAPSI UII) in regions in Indonesia.

Organizational Committee 2018 – 2022

No Jabatan Nama Pengurus
1 Ketua Umum Rocky Valentino, M.Psi., Psikolog
2 Ketua Harian 1.       Reza Adetya Tama, S.Psi

2.       Agus Mardiyono Wiranto, S.Psi

3 Sekretaris 1.       Rr. Atina Ayu Vanesa, S.Psi

2.       Muhammad Raka Tungga Dewa, S.Psi

4 Bendahara 1.       Gatia Setia Riani, M.Psi., Psikolog

2.       Dmitri Andriani, S.Psi

5 Divisi Penggalangan Dana 1.       Alyani Permata Putri

2.       Euis Rahmawati

3.       Siti Hanifah, S.Psi

6 Divisi Riset, Karir dan Pengembangan 1.       Poppy Sofia Anisa, M.Psi., Psikolog

2.       Arini Mifti Jayanti, M.Psi., Psikolog

3.       Iswan Saputro, S.Psi

4.       Hary Dwi Anggoro, S.Psi

5.       Raharjo Fajar Laksono

7 Divisi Relasi Internal Kampus 1.       Dinu Hafidh Muvariz, S.Psi

2.       Much. As’ad Royan Purnadi, S.Psi

8 Divisi Database dan Jejaring 1.       Anwar Iqbal Syafruddin, S.Psi

2.       Muhammad Hafiz, S.Psi

3.       Wanda Natasya, S.Psi

4.       Satria Ananda Putra Suryadharma, S.Psi

Contact Person :+62 813-9314-4194 (Ikapsi UII)