Course Specification

The Psychology Study Program course specifications are comprehensive, as they follow the standard curriculum determined nationally and internationally. Psychology Study Program curriculum was prepared by referring to internal and external criteria. Meanwhile, course specifications are prepared in the form of Course Specification. Course Specification is a document prepared to guide the students in performing their class activities within one semester to achieve the learning outcomes set. Course Specification also has detail information about learning process and ELO. The Course Specification is informed to the students at the beginning of the semester, and evaluated every semester through lecturer and support staff evaluation meeting, along with the evaluation of the lecturer’s performance of the course in question.

Components of course specification can be seen in the following table

Type of Components Explanation
Course Identity ·    information on the names of courses, codes of courses, nature of the course (compulsory or elective)

·    form of learning, learning media, and the prerequisite courses

Course Learning Outcome ·    information on the formulation of Course Learning Outcome (CLO), CLO codes

·    indicator of learning,

·    form of assignment

·    weight  distribution

Learning Outcome Analysis Map ·    visual information (figure/diagram/chart) on the learning structure which demonstrates the relationship among the CLOs.
Learning Experience and Reference ·    forms of learning experience design (assignment, survey, paper, comparative study, practice)

·    the reference used.

Detailed Learning Activities ·    details of CLO implementation stages

·    course subjects

·    learning strategies

·    implementation (duration, room, time schedule)

Assessment and Evaluation System ·    information on the basis for the assessment and decision taken after students finishing their studies.

The sample of Course Specification can be seen