Thesis is a scientific paper conducted by students under lecturer’s supervision based on research activities with various perspective of disciplines. All activities of thesis research is managed by the Departmen of Psychology.
Academic Requirements
1. Have passed the course with the minimum credits specified by each Department
2. Minimum GPA of 2.53.
3. Have passed the subject of Thesis Writing Method (for Department of Psychology), Seminar Proposal (for Department of Communication Science), Thesis Development Writing (for Department of English Education), and International Relations Research Method (for Departement of International Relation)
4. Include Thesis in Semester Plan Card (KRS)
5. Students who have not stated the closing theory are allowed to take a maximum of 3 courses (including KKN) along Thesis.

this thesis used 2 methods of researches that is quantitative and qualitative

this 2 methods can be downloaded at this link