The Department of Psychology has a exceptional scientific vision, that is to study psychology through Islamic paradigm. The learning purpose that is based on Islam is to:

  1. Perform education based on Islamic Psychology that is professional, innovative, technologically based.
  2. Carry out Islamic Psychology researches that are creative, applicable, and continuous.

In the field of research, The Department of Psychology focuses in establishing itself as a research institution in Psychology at an international level, committed on Islamic values, and upholds Indonesian cultures. Research topics in the Department of Psychology are referring to Chief Research Plan (RIP) that is oriented at increasing the society’s well being (baldatun thoyyibatun wa rabbun ghafuur). One of the referred topics in the Departement of Psychology is “Developing a Model of Increasing the Islamic Quality of Life”. For instance, Islamic Quality of Life Measurement, Husnudzan (wishful thinking), Repentance and Istighfar Therapy, Prophetic Parenting, Amanah (Trustworthy), Prophetic Leadership, Islamic Work Ethic, Sa’adah (Happiness), Tawwakal (Surrender to God), Tawadhu’ (Humility), Ikhlas (Sincerity), and Sakinah (Serene) Family.

Besides the researches in the Islamic topics, The Department of Psychology also organizes seminars within the Islamic topics such as The National Conference of Islamic Psychology (NCIP), as well as the publication of many articles. Other endeavors done by The Department of Psychology UII are collaborating with foreign partnership in areas of research, article or book writing with the University of Malaya, Malaysia (UM), and The International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT). Other than that, The Department of Psychology also conducts research collaboration within general topics with The University of Surabaya (UBAYA) Indonesia, Saxion University (Holland), DPFA HOchschule Sachsen (Germany), Zhejiang University (China), Zhoukou Normal University (China), as well as Henan Institute of Science and Technology (HIST) in China.


The Department of Psychology possesses several laboratory such as individual, classical, psychotherapy, experimental, observation-interview, children and computer laboratory. The laboratories are equipped with various psychological test such as paper and pencil test, and computer based test. Other excellence from the laboratory is that the Department owns a psychological test based on biofeedback such as stress pilot and smardwatch. The stress pilot operates based on the activity of the heart and measures heart beat through a particular clip that is placed on one’s ear. The stress pilot functions as measuring the level of stress based on the respiratory rhythm and heart beat.


The smardwatch is a multi parametric monitoring system which enables to measure essential parameters of the condition of ones’ body. Smardwatch functions as in setting diagnoses based on the regulation of chronobiopsychology, behavioral research, researches on the effect of music and art, religious practices, stress and the analysis of time series.


The Department of Psychology UII is equipped with excellent facilities such as educational and research laboratory that supports its’ vision-mission-objective of education in Psychology, and reflects various research topics that is taken part.

The laboratory owned by The Department of Psychology UII not only facilitates the students in practicing their knowledge. This laboratory mainly functions for laboratory practices for students such as for Experimental Psychology, Observation and Interviewing, Assessment of Aptitude and Cognitive, Rorscah and TAT. Besides of those activities, this laboratory is also utilized to elicit the students’ skills in applying their knowledge in the future. Several events held by the laboratory are 1) Experimental Psychology Competition, 2) Observation-Interviewing Competition, 3). Laboratory Expo, 4) Psychodiagnostics Training.