Educational Philosophy

The educational philosophy at Universitas Islam Indonesia (UII) can be traced back to the educational goals clearly formulated by the founders in the UII Statutes. The operations of Universitas Islam Indonesia are guided by two core values, namely worship and excellence. These values are derived into the purposes of education, which strive to produce graduates who master both their specific discipline and Islamic teachings, which in turn will equip them to play roles as Muslim intellectuals and national leaders (Excerpted from Articles 7 and 9 from Statute of Universitas Islam Indonesia 2017).

    • Giving birth to quality, highly competitive Muslim scholars and prospective leaders who are beneficial for the community, mastering the Islamic intelligence, and capable of implementing Islamic values.
    • Giving birth to intellectuals who are capable to introduce the concept of rahmatan lil ‘alamin.
    • Developing and propagating science, technology, culture, literature, and art under the Islamic value.
    • Actively involved in building fair and prosperous society and the Republic of Indonesia under the blessing of Allah SWT
    • Comprehending, developing, and spreading the Islamic teachings to be understood, lived, and practiced by the academic society and the society at large.

Below is the diagram of educational philosophy relating with educational goals and ELO: